Monati Bird Food

Hand-Rearing Bird Food

Notes :

  1. Please store this product in a cool, dry place and protect from sunlight.

  2. Please keep in a refrigerator after opening.

  3. Prepare a fresh mix for each feed.

  4. Mix Monati Soft Bird Food with warm water, which has been boiled, until required consistency is obtained.

  5. Monati Hand-rearing Bird Food may be given by spoon or through a syringe.

  6. Not recommended for birds of three weeks and younger.

Monati Hand-rearing and Soft Bird Food are manufactured according to strict regulations as stipulated by a leading South African veterinarian. This product contains essential growth stimulants, vitamins, minerals and therapeutic remedies to provide your birds with all the essential nutrients they require on a daily basis, particularly during their breeding season. It is recommended that no additional supplements be added to this product.

Monati Soft Bird Food contains these essential nutrients and Vitamins per Kilogram.

Protein 190g Vitamin B12 0.02mg Biotin (H) 0.25mg
Lysine 11g Pyroxidine (B6) 11mg Zinc 90mg
Fat 68g Vitamin C 200mg Folic Acid (M) 2mg
Fibre 50g Calcium 12g Cobalt 0.45mg
Moisture 110g Magnesium 0.2g Pantothenic Acid 25mg
Vitamin A 15000IU Potassium 8.5g Niacin 180mg
vitamin D 1400IU Sodium 1.5g Iodine 0.6mg
Vitamin E 200mg Chloride 2.25g Choline 1000mg
Vitamin K 3mg Iron 80mg Selenium 0.2mg
Thiamine(B1) 5mg Copper 7mg    
Riboflavin(B2) 15mg Manganese 130mg    


Monati Bird Food cc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising through the use of this product.

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